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All our Logs for sale are fromm wood sourced within Kent. Generally from Woodlands within 15 miles of Faversham and often being a certified FSC woodland. FSC means that the wood has been obtained from a sustainable source. With them having a concern for the environment. The Chestnut logs come from Kent coppiced woodlands FSC or waste timber salvaged from chestnut fencing production. This again cut from Kent’s FSC Woodlands.

Firewood has been Local Kent Logs business since 2008. They still service customers from when they started making deliveries around Kent. Although now restricting most of their deliveries to within 15 miles from Faversham by road to keep everything local, green and commercial. This delivery area brings in the towns of Whitstable, Canterbury and Sittingbourne, they also find that the residents of the Isle of Sheppy call on their service but at times this means a small extra charge as many locations are more than 15 miles by road from Faversham.

Call Richard on 07521 407 877 to book your delivery of Logs in, prices below. If his answer phone kicks in the chances are he is off grid in a Woodland cutting down trees as a forest worker or working up a tree doing tree surgery work in someone’s garden, leaving his phone in the vehicle so as not to distracted him, for safety reasons, leave him a message and he will ring you back, most likely in the evening and book in your order.

Locally Sourced

All of our wood is sourced locally. This benefits the environment with little pollution from transporting the logs by road.

Easy to use

Our logs are easy to use. Simply pop them on your burning fire, sit back and enjoy your day.

No chopping

Our logs are aleady chopped to a suitable size to place directly on your fire straight away. No need to get that axe out of the shed!


We are passionate about protecting the environment. All our logs are ecologically sourced and travel the minmum distance possible.

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