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Faversham Seasoned Logs

Local delivery area

Faversham town center and the area between Western link the A2 and Love Lane, is the area we consider as in Faversham, so some of Ospringe and Preston are outside but included with the villages of Painters Fostel Badlesmere, Boughton, Dargate, Dunkirk, Graveney, Hernhill, Leaveland, Oare, Lynsted, Sheldwich, Selling, Throwley, that surround Faversham being in our free delivery area for orders over 1 cubic meter.

Logs source

All our wood is cut by ourselves or or sourced from Woodlands within 15 miles of Faversham, often sourced from a Kent Woodland with certified FSC. FSC means that the wood has been obtained from a sustainable source and that they have a concern for the environment. The Chestnut logs come from Kent coppiced woodlands or waste timber salvaged from chestnut fencing production again cut from Kent Woodlands.

Log Prices

Free delivery within 15 miles travel of Faversham

For Log Deliveries

Ring Richard 07521 407 877

now for your Faversham firewood log deliveries, and help to keep the tradition of woodland cutting in the area going, which used to be carried out for the production of charcoal, one of the products needed to make Faversham’s gunpowders

Volume annual contact, for Pubs and larger uses ordering over 10 cubic meter per year please contact for prices

* Please note that a large builders bag is often smaller than 900mm x 900mm x 900mm = 0.729 of a cubic meter. That’s less than three quarters of a cubic meter. So our cubic meter give you much more than a standard builders bag. 

Keep the local Forestry tradition going

The medieval buildings in Faversham would have traditionally used logs from the surrounding area to heat the home and cook on. Today these building still use logs as firewood to give that relaxing pleasant mesmerizing flicker of flame radiating heat to warm you and the room, with an open fire you should use season hardwood logs, our timber logs are sourced from local woodlands or from waste via our tree Surgery business from hardwood that burns well and does not spit out hot embers, that can be a fire risk with open fires. If however you have a closed in modern wood burner then our locally grown seasoned chestnut is cheaper but is likely to spit which as being closed it does not matter. The Chestnut is sourced from ancient woodlands that require regular coppicing to keep them healthy with good biodiversity activity, with you burning logs it will be helping to conserve our pleasant Kentish woodland environment and its wildlife, whilst helping to reduce the use of non sustainable locked in Carbon to produce heat for your home.

I am interest in preserving the environment and enjoy looking at trees, but some are just in the wrong place for the good of buildings. 

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