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Sittingbourne Seasoned Logs

Local delivery area

Sittingbourne town center and the surrounding countryside, including the villages of Milton Regis, Bobbing, Borden, Tunstall, Highsted, Bapchild, Eastling, Lynsted, Newnham, Rodmersham, is in an area we consider as local to Faversham. So come into the free delivery area for orders over 1 cubic meter. Firewood prices below.

Ring Richard 07521 407 877 to book in your Log delivery.

Logs source

All the Timber is cut by ourselves within 15 miles of Faversham or sourced from a Kent firm with certified FSC. FSC means that the wood has been obtained from a sustainable source and that they have a concern for the environment. The Chestnut logs come from Kent coppiced woodlands or waste timber salvaged from chestnut fencing production again cut from Kent Woodlands.
I am interest in preserving the environment and enjoy looking at trees, but some are just in the wrong place for the good of buildings.

Log Prices

Free delivery within 15 miles travel Faversham. Minimum free delivery is with order over1 cubic meter

Volume annual contact, for Pubs and larger uses ordering over 10 cubic meter per year please contact for prices

* Please note that a large builders bag is often smaller than 900mm x 900mm x 900mm = 0.729 of a cubic meter. That’s less than three quarters of a cubic meter. So our cubic meter give you 33 percent more than a builders bag.

Sittingbourne Log Suppliers

Logs for sale in Sittingbourne is supplied by Kent Local Logs that was started by a 19 year old wishing to work outside in the countryside with forestry fitting the bill, if you can help we are very interested in buying land within 9 miles of Faversham for a woodyard and been looking for some time. If you cannot help that way then buying Firewood Logs will help Richard 07521 407 877 to stay in business and carry on managing local woodlands by coppicing then which in effect means the logs are renewable and a stainable fuel while keeping woodlands in good management for both wildlife biodiversity and our children’s future.

With the timber being cut and the logs deliveries close to home, this also reduces your logs input of carbon emissions to get the fuel to you locally.

Other areas around Sittingbourne that logs are delivered to include Borden, Iwade, Milstead, Milton, Bapchild, Teynham and Conyer. We also go onto the Isle of Sheppy, covering the Areas of Sheerness, Minster on Sea, and Queenboroughs other areas there is an extra charge due to distance from Faversham by road

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