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Whitstable Seasoned Logs

Local delivery area

Whitstable, Chestfield, Tankerton, Swalecliff, Seasalter, Yorkletts, Hernhill, Dargate and Graveney that are towns and villages around Faversham are all in the free delivery area for orders over one cubic meter. Please ring Richard on 07521 407 877 for your logs.

Logs source

All our wood is either cut by ourselves within 15 miles of Faversham or sourced from a local Kent firm which cuts certified FSC Woodlands. FSC means that the wood has been obtained from a sustainable source and that they have a concern for the environment. The Chestnut logs come from Kent coppiced woodlands or waste timber salvaged from chestnut fencing production again cut from Kent Woodlands.

Log Prices

 See below for 1 and 2 meter loads of firewood logs cut to the size, you ask for over 8 inches in length, delivered free around Whitstable as within 15 miles by road from Faversham.

Volume annual contact, for Pubs and larger uses ordering over 10 cubic meter per year please contact for prices. 

* Please note that a large builders bag is often smaller than 900mm x 900mm x 900mm = 0.729 of a cubic meter. That’s less than three quarters of a cubic meter. So our cubic meter give you 33 percent more than a builders bag.



South of Whitstable inland is a large area of Ancient Woodlands managed by conservation groups which require low impact Hand Cutting operations, logs can be harvested from it to get local logs for your open fires or modern popular wood burner, similarly today are the enclosed heat generation multi fuel units that can benefit from using season chestnut logs as their firewood for them due to being cheaper than the traditional seasoned hardwood logs which are ideal for open fires, you may also wish to use them in the summer on wood barbeques, chimera barbeques instead of using charcoal or using just an open wood fire for cooking on in the great outdoors, but please follow the Bush craft code for fires. 

I am interest in preserving the environment and enjoy looking at trees, but some are just in the wrong place or are no longer safe, so need to be cut down, many ancient Woodland’s also require regular coppicing for the benefit of both the trees health and the woodland’s biodiversity.

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